Coding activity

Latest commits in Piwigo core, plugins, themes and other tools. This page gathers data from various code repositories to provide a "one place to watch".

19 五月 2024

fix #3 change textarea height in album page

piwigo-editorplus 946a2d72 Linty

17 五月 2024

fixes #2161 in search, do not consider dot character alone as a splitter

Piwigo 7fae203a plegall

16 五月 2024

PHP 8 compatibility

Guest-Book 3ce31eb4 plegall

9 五月 2024

i18n l10n: it_IT, nb_NO, tr_TR, ca_ES, es_ES, tr_TR

Stereo Zoom 6c99ae23 TOnin

29 四月 2024

issue #2155 more PHP functions {end, key} for SmartPocket

Piwigo d2941d71 plegall

25 四月 2024

Update km_KH, thanks to pheaknastore

Show Photo Identifier 712dd551 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

24 四月 2024

fixes #2156 force a default PAGE_BANNER

Piwigo b20886cb plegall

fixes #2155 register more PHP functions for templates

Piwigo ac98cfdc plegall

compatibility PHP 8

meta 33109 plg

compatibility PHP 8

Social-Buttons 3572294f plegall

compatibility PHP 8

Subscribe-to-Comments b7f3a5c4 plegall

compatibility PHP 8

PWG_Stuffs e304cee4 plegall

compatibility PHP 8

Comments-on-Albums fcdaa062 plegall

Update de_DE, thanks to plg

uploadt1menu 33108 TranslationTeam

compatibility PHP 8

Bootstrap Darkroom f214bbb3 plegall

compatibility PHP 8.2 (syntax error)

stripped 33107 plg

compatibility PHP 8.2 (syntax error)

stripped_responsive 33106 plg