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Latest commits in Piwigo core, plugins, themes and other tools. This page gathers data from various code repositories to provide a "one place to watch".


fixes #1538 no more auto complete by chrome

Piwigo 8e944b77 Matthieu Leproux

related to #1530 status verification for option pages in configuration section

Piwigo d0a331a4 Matthieu Leproux

related to #1530 status verification for extention updates

Piwigo 967cbe5e Matthieu Leproux

20 十月 2021

related to #1530 status verification for maintenance : action page

Piwigo 35490ab8 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1537 Filter is done with ids now and not with usernames.

Piwigo 24e923f9 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1536 no more redirect on other tab when checking version

Piwigo df11f23a Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1535 good settings btn color in dark mode now

Piwigo 37433d65 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1534 translation fix for activity

Piwigo 8ee04fd8 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1533 spelling mistake corrected

Piwigo 4edde651 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1532 added specification to guest status

Piwigo f5dc1f56 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1531 Status select box disabled for guest user

Piwigo 8856de2b Matthieu Leproux

related to #1530 Status vérification in Sync page

Piwigo f5d0caed Matthieu Leproux

19 十月 2021

fixes #1529 rewrite list of filter users for activities

Piwigo 8e2f12fd plegall

related to #1524 API username variication update

Piwigo f0110cea Matthieu Leproux

18 十月 2021

related to ##1521 errors are displayed better in dark mode

Piwigo c006b222 Matthieu Leproux

Better help button icon

ExtendedDescription d46fca87 Matthieu Leproux

16 十月 2021

Add: Only load CC when consent is not given and fix UserCollections

Cookie Consent acaed01d Kipjr

Modify: cc_given changed from int to boolean

Cookie Consent b93b99be Kipjr

Add: new variables for en_GB

Cookie Consent 074be686 Kipjr

Add: Make validity dynamic based on the value in admin

Cookie Consent 9984fafc Kipjr

Add: Dropdown for persistent cookie validity

Cookie Consent 45f23c0c Kipjr

Add: Validate persistent cookie $_POST

Cookie Consent 3490f1e0 Kipjr

Add: Default Persistent Cookie validity

Cookie Consent f5b564bf Kipjr

Merge pull request #186 from 7tonin/patch-1

piwigo-openstreetmap d7df35a0 xbgmsharp

Merge pull request #195 from jose1711/piwigo11.2

piwigo-openstreetmap 8b6ee552 xbgmsharp

Merge pull request #197 from Piwigo/bug-smarty-update

piwigo-openstreetmap ebb344e4 xbgmsharp

Merge pull request #201 from petitssuisses/master

piwigo-openstreetmap 8c8ec801 xbgmsharp

15 十月 2021

Enhanced maintain.class.php install / update code

Share Album 95bde33a Arnaud

Enhanced maintain.class.php install / update code

Share Album 95bde33a Arnaud

relatd to #1525 fix undifined variable in picture modif

Piwigo 7a22359a Matthieu Leproux

related to #1524 Input verification

Piwigo d8862e43 Matthieu Leproux

14 十月 2021

fixes #1523 Search plugin and status filter compatible + nb search results

Piwigo b409841e Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1522 no more margin left on sub albums in album mover

Piwigo 2f70ed92 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1521 errors are displayed properly now

Piwigo 20b77900 Matthieu Leproux

13 十月 2021

Replaced with latest leaflet-providers.js (tiles provided through https instead of http) Replaced base http url of blackandwhite baselayer with https based

piwigo-openstreetmap 9cb34191 Arnaud

fixes #1519 View manager is the same everywere

Piwigo 71b122aa Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1518 add album compact is fixed

Piwigo aa6c7250 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1517 removed placeholer in tile mode

Piwigo cdc45dc1 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1516 better color for links in dark mode

Piwigo 9b343c68 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1515 better inputs for add group and add album

Piwigo 747870e2 Matthieu Leproux

compatibility with Piwigo 12

hide_title_on_browse_path d9039b5c plegall

compatibility with Piwigo 12

birthdate cad2f30d plegall

compatibility with Piwigo 12

batch_manager_added_by 7cdb79a9 plegall

compatibility with Piwigo 12

automatic_size cbc96f15 plegall

compatibility with Piwigo 12

Check Files Integrity a471ab1e plegall

fixes #1514 Empty rename display error message

Piwigo 96e7fa46 Matthieu Leproux

12 十月 2021

compatibility with Piwigo 12

export_data acc4ead8 plegall

compatibility with Piwigo 12

edit_filename 7c57679b plegall

compatibility with Piwigo 12

download_counter 62496f29 plegall

compatibility with Piwigo 12

download_by_size 09b4b94a plegall

fixes #1512 Permission link is now visible

Piwigo 45bab6a9 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1511 clear filter btn works fine now

Piwigo 89c50efe Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1510 compact mode config btn css is good now

Piwigo ae0ec434 Matthieu Leproux

make compatible with Piwigo 12

custom_download_link 68d19997 plegall

fixes #1509 if no plugins activated : show all plugins

Piwigo 390f23d2 Matthieu Leproux

related to #1507 dark mode pluigin alerts

Piwigo c3670b80 Matthieu Leproux

11 十月 2021

next release is 12.0.0RC2

Piwigo 9c367c66 plegall

related to #1504 better plugin lines in dark mode

Piwigo 16ebb060 Matthieu Leproux

10 十月 2021

Fix: Fullscreen bug. Change: cc_url_text

Cookie Consent 62fd2e1c kipjr

Add: cc_url_text default value. Activate plugin calls install function

Cookie Consent c11b78ae kipjr

Fix: Session var retrieval. Change: Version to 12

Cookie Consent 5e6811e5 kipjr

Add: Additional comments. Remove: obsolete called global vars

Cookie Consent 35cbe0a6 kipjr

Change: 100% width of textbox in config to min-with: 365px

Cookie Consent 311de91a kipjr

Fix: translation, newline, tiptip

Cookie Consent 112394fc kipjr

Change: cc_button to cc_url_text

Cookie Consent d5015bff kipjr

8 十月 2021

fixes #1483 [install] cleanly alert user of PHP required version

Piwigo 4289dd86 plegall

fixes #1506 changed loader in user manager and icon are fully visible in album manager

Piwigo fb7aad83 Matthieu Leproux

7 十月 2021

related to #1505 fixing firefox auto fill input password over show password icon

Piwigo e5e1c269 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #61 compatibility with uploadAsync (needs Piwigo 12 or 11.6 if any)

community 74c273ca plegall

issue #1344 revert 917c733 no longer necessary (see 8effbe8)

Piwigo 85ee9230 plegall

fixes #1356 pwg.images.uploadAsync, move auth code to inc/

Piwigo 8effbe8e plegall

fixes #1505 Smaller add user popin

Piwigo 5803c76f Matthieu Leproux

related to #1503 Translation adjustments, api fonction implementation date

Piwigo 2c1b3579 Matthieu Leproux

6 十月 2021

related to #1504 Adjustments for plugin manager

Piwigo 8c2e6c5e Matthieu Leproux

5 十月 2021

related to #1503 You cant activate/deactivate plugins as admin now

Piwigo 4600fab3 Matthieu Leproux

4 十月 2021

fixes #1502 newer favicon

Piwigo d2ea8fa3 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1501 dark mode hover done like group selection mode colors

Piwigo a7bc87fa Matthieu Leproux

related to #1480 switch help icon translated in edit album

Piwigo 91035ae5 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1500 better positioning for addAlbum content

Piwigo f1082e75 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1499 icon color changes properly

Piwigo 9fd5db4f Matthieu Leproux

related to #1498 icon margin adjustment for album action in tile mode

Piwigo 66a2d4d9 Matthieu Leproux

Adds has settings to comply with piwigo 12

Skeleton 66813af4 HWFord

fixes #1498 icon and legend closer

Piwigo c63c86cf Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1497 foxed selecters in filters of user manager

Piwigo 544f4097 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1496 gear btn changed to have better contrast

Piwigo 35502571 Matthieu Leproux

related to #1485 fix edit admin as admin bug

Piwigo de8f94d4 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1495 icon is now centered

Piwigo aad18a96 Matthieu Leproux

30 九月 2021

fixes #1493 darkmode of maintenance page

Piwigo 287ea40e Matthieu Leproux

fixed #1494 removed new border

Piwigo 11fe008d Matthieu Leproux

related #1493 fixed infinite spin

Piwigo 092025e6 Matthieu Leproux

29 九月 2021

fixes #1491 better user filter for activity tab

Piwigo 4cdca542 Matthieu Leproux

related to #1490 fixed dark mode line albums

Piwigo c4ad86ba Matthieu Leproux

related to #1481 no caps on second string in feedback message

Piwigo 4fbd9c07 Matthieu Leproux

28 九月 2021

related to #1481 more personnalized messages for each actions

Piwigo 3caa5b42 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1489 removed unlock label in album edit

Piwigo 2656c0ea Matthieu Leproux

Piwigo 12 compatibility

Force HTTPS dfa3c0f1 Arnaud

fixes #1488 replace guest initial by guest icon in popin

Piwigo 960f02ab Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1487 changes hover colors in light and dark mode for album actions

Piwigo 9b3d2087 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1486 user manager advanced filter dark mode

Piwigo 69e00b5a Matthieu Leproux

related to #1485 edit own status not allowed and cancel plugin title adaptation

Piwigo 73ef21ac Matthieu Leproux

27 九月 2021

compatibility with Piwigo 12

AdminTools 27b54ac5 plegall

color adjustment on create album btn for photos_add page

Piwigo b5895b08 Matthieu Leproux

issue #1415 change the warning icon for official incompatibility

Piwigo 09d5dbe6 plegall

zCteWheel is now tunable on plugin settings page

Stereo Zoom 549d5495 TOnin

compatibility with Piwigo 12

ExtendedDescription f7b19c5d plegall

fixes #1484 icon guest changed and conflit between icons solved

Piwigo cc20a101 Matthieu Leproux

26 九月 2021

Fixed #84. Also corrected breadcrumbs for picture page

Share Album 0fe85827 Arnaud

Fixed #84. Also corrected breadcrumbs for picture page

Share Album 0fe85827 Arnaud

Fix mermaid in

Cookie Consent 0924c9fe Martijn

Fix: Issue with type of cookies not being saved

Cookie Consent c4850fe6 kipjr

Fix .tpl vars based on Smarty update

Cookie Consent f540a059 kipjr

Add: Mermaid Flow

Cookie Consent 67f5878d kipjr

Add: 2.11 Changes to

Cookie Consent e3a3b347 kipjr

Piwigo 12 compatibility

Share Album 02b8ae82 Arnaud

Piwigo 12 compatibility

Share Album 02b8ae82 Arnaud

Fixed #83

Share Album 5ddf639f Arnaud

Fixed #83

Share Album 5ddf639f Arnaud

24 九月 2021

Changelogs page

piwigodotorg 8f17737b HWFord

23 九月 2021

related to #1481 added feedback message for maintenance actions

Piwigo 490d0b08 Matthieu Leproux

fixes #1482 badges added on plugin filters to know how many plugins are in each categories

Piwigo 36a6f715 Matthieu Leproux

next release is 12.0.0RC1

Piwigo 39cd73bf plegall

related to #1480 added translation lines for selection mode and filters

Piwigo f2d6f96c Matthieu Leproux