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Piwigo 是网络端的开源相册程序。 专为组织、团队与个人设计。

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版本 13.8.0 4个月前

Piwigo 14.0.0RC2 5天前

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Piwigo 受到了数万组织和数百万个人的喜爱

为什么选择 Piwigo ?


当需要分类上万乃至数十万的照片时,Piwigo 的表现出类拔萃。


始于2002,Piwigo 对用户的支持已超过了21年。我们永远在进步!




用 Piwigo 创造的美妙相册

Metropolitan University BelGrade
Winchester City Council
Office du Tourisme du Bassin d'Arcachon
Musée Virtuel de la Méditerranée

他们都钟爱 Piwigo


Before Piwigo, we had a real issue of quality control, and we struggled finding and organising all our digital media. But we didn’t want something too complicated. Piwigo was easy to use and quick to implement. It took 3 months to get it right with the organisation : it was about process definition and communication. People did not have any problem adopting Piwigo, it is really easy to use.

Tom Chippendale, Wessex Water

Companies United Kingdom

We use Piwigo cause it is the easiest to use and fast and reliable open source picture management software we found. With Piwigo we can easy share product pictures with our customers. Also our photographs can upload pictures for us.


Companies Germany

I like and use piwigo, Thanks a lot for your times and jobs. I hope Piwigo continues its life as a developing and living project for years./lang] [lang=fr]J'aime et j'utilise Piwigo, merci beaucoup pour votre temps et votre travail. J'espère que Piwigo continuera sa vie en tant que projet en développement et vivant pendant des années.


Photographers & individuals Turkey

We've been using Piwigo since 2008 to share photos of our internal events (seminars, charity events, etc.). I immediately liked the ease of use, stability and access rights management. Piwigo is easy to set up, administer and update, and has a very pleasant interface.

Raoul Portron, AU Group

Companies France

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